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Spring Dangers That Can Affect Your Pet

Spring Dangers That Can Affect Your Pet
  • 15 February 2020
  • richsmith

While most of us associate spring with longer days and warmer weather, the change of season can mean big trouble for your cat or dog. Pets who have been cooped up all winter are suddenly more susceptible to environmental irritants, exposure to toxic chemicals and overexertion, not to mention activity-related injuries, parasitic diseases and chance encounters with critters that don’t have their best interests in mind.

Weekend Warrior Syndrome

Don’t expect your pets to be at their peak physical performance as soon as the snow clears. After several months inside and inactive, your dog may have gained weight, lost muscle tone and be a little stiff in the joints, said Mahaney. Reintroduce him slowly to his favorite outdoor activities by starting with short runs and hikes or gentle games of fetch and Frisbee until he’s used to an increased level of activity.


The gifts the Easter Bunny leaves for your human kids can be downright dangerous to your fur babies. Chocolate eggs and bunny ears are toxic for dogs, especially if they contain baker’s or dark chocolate, while the strings of neon green Easter grass can cause tummy problems if ingested by a curious cat. Small toys also pose a choking hazard for all pets, not to mention small children.


Just like humans, dogs and cats can experience seasonal allergies, Dust, mold and pollen are among the most common triggers of seasonal allergies in pets, and symptoms can include sneezing, coughing, excessive scratching, licking and chewing.


April showers may bring May flowers, but when planting your spring garden, you’ll want to avoid flowers like azaleas, sago palms and rhododendrons, which are highly toxic to pets. Fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides can also harm outdoor animals, and even something as seemingly harmless as mulch can prove unsafe. Some mulch contains coffee grounds and when accidentally eaten, these can lead to caffeine toxicity. Bring your pet to the vet immediately if you think he has ingested any poisonous plants or garden supplies.