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Actual Meat/Chicken Content – A Weighty Problem

Chicken & Turkey - Pet Food - Pet Wants J-Town, KY
  • 23 January 2019
  • richsmith

Pet food manufacturers realize consumers are becoming more interested in the ingredients in dog and cat formulas, and they know you want to see meat as the first ingredient on the label. They figure as long as when you flip the bag of food over you see chicken at the top of the ingredient list, you’ll assume the formula is good for your pet. And most pet owners do indeed fall for this trick.
But here’s the problem. The raw meat, say chicken or beef, appearing at the top of the ingredient list is there because it was weighed before it was dehydrated. Meat in its natural form is about 70-75 percent water and weighty. That’s how it stays at the top of a list of ingredients by weight.
However, once the meat is dehydrated, which all meat in dry pet food is, then it is actually the second, third, fourth and often fifth ingredients on the list that make up the bulk of the food.
Let’s say you see chicken first on the label, followed by brown rice, corn and barley. The chicken heading the list could be less than 20 percent of what’s actually in the finished formula.
Thats why all of the Pet Wants foods start with a  meal. Our food also does not sit on shelves for 6 – 12 months in hot and cold warehouses, ours is sent directly to us in and stored in climate controlled environoments so you get the freshest kibble to your pets.  I’m sure most of you would agree a fresh apple pie out of the oven is better then one thats been sittting on the counter for 5 days.

by the way, I hope you like apple pie!